Software - Development

Software Development

MLK offers full software consulting and development services. We provide strategic consulting and/or development depending on your needs and requirements, our services include:

• Gamification

• Development of mobile apps

• Portfolio websites to increase online presence

• Full web solution to business problems and requirements

• Design and implement a successful software architecture.

• Design review and reiteration.

• Helping businesses make S.M.A.R.T requirements and goals.

• At the start of the project, defining quality assurance practices including creating a QA plan for defect tracking, technical reviews, system testing, beta testing, and rules for release

• Create and execute a software release plan including determining when to release and tracking of defect counts, defect density prediction/pooling/seeding/modelling

• Create a detailed design including requirements resolution and traceability, construction plan, correction of architecture defects, and testing plan.